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Procedures for Quotation Requests

Quotation Request

Please send your requests for quotation along with drawings as follows:


  • Very easy, just send your e-mail to manufacturing@jamesross.ca
  • Include all of your developed drawings per CAD (DWG or DXF extension), and place in a "ZIP" file.,
  • 3D is preferred however, if complexity is minor, then 2-D at 1:1 scale, without any spline or ellipse.
  • In the event this is a repeat request, it is not necessary to send drawing information.  Simply reference your previous order or quotation.
  • All parts and quantities must be individually identified on all supplied documents, with an exclusive reference number. 
  • Material type, thickness, finish & direction and SPV coating (on which side if applicable) should be indicated in your drawings.
  • Etching or custom markings should be identified using a different color, font or reference note on the drawing.

Fax/ Contact Comments

  • Send fax to 1(613) 342-8439 attn, SMS Dept.
  • Quote requests by fax are usually of a non complex nature.
  • Sketches of drawings sent require all dimensional and pertinent information.
  • All parts and quantities must be individually identified with exclusive reference numbers. 
  • Material type, thickness, finish & direction and SPV coating (on which side if applicable) should be indicated in your drawings.
  • Etching or custom markings should be identified using a different color, font or reference note on the drawing.
  • Each request must have a unique number and be signed by the responsible. Also, billing address, shipping address, e-mail and phone number should must be shown as well.
* Please note that James Ross - SMS Div. cannot be held responsible for incorrect results after bending due to erroneous customer calculations.

Credit Application

James Ross - SMS Div. Contacts:
  • Richard (Rick) Cockbain, Technical Sales Manager.  rcockbain@jamesross.com  613-349-2238
  • Mark Davison, Customer Service Representative.  mdavision@jamesross.com  343-300-3114


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