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Many of our New Customers are very surprised when they find out the CNC Machining capabilities at James Ross/Specialty Manufacturing Services.  This is not only in regards to the equipment we have (some of which is the most advanced in Eastern Canada), but also the competitive pricing we offer.  Since the main focus for James Ross Ltd. over the last 60 years has been the manufacture of equipment for the Pulp & Paper industry, we have continually invested in equipment and training that allows us to meet the sophisticated Pulp & Paper market demands with the supply of high-quality machines, products and work.  This has now allowed us to open our doors to new market segments and customer needs.

Our machinists are highly skilled and often face very demanding challenges in regards to what is required and the related materials involved.  As a brief example of the materials we machine, these include the full range of Stainless Steels (Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic and Duplex), Nickel Alloys, Aluminium Alloys, Standard and Hardened Chromium Steels, PVC and much more.

For James Ross/Specialty Manufacturing Services, Machining is a combination of Art and Science.  Our experts have the highest level of skills, combined with most modern CNC equipment, which combined will turn your component requirements into a manufactured masterpiece.

Procedures and Related Importance:

Customer Requirements

Once your request for quote is received, our CST (Customer Service Team) thoroughly reviews all information to ensure we are able to provide a complete response.  If we find any missing information, we contact you as quickly as possible to get the missing details.  From here, if relatively basic, we provide a formal quotation within 1 -2 working days.  Should the request be more sophisticated, we share all related information with our Engineering and Production teams to ensure we have solid coverage of all requirements involved so that our quotation is complete.  This may require an additional 2 to 3 days or longer however, if urgent, we always aim to meet your deadline.  We welcome 3D drawings when available which enables our Design Engineers to quickly convert this information into bill of materials and labour costing and also provide finished CAD designs for production.  In the event our customers do not have this available, our Engineering Department is available to perform this service at a very reasonable cost.

Finally, upon receipt of your order, all information is reviewed once again for accuracy, material is purchased and work orders are assigned to production.

Material Verification

Prior to order processing, we verify that all raw material utilized matches the customer’s order requirements and is marked for traceability. In addition, the materials we purchase (in all product forms) must fully meet the applicable ASTM/ASME specifications, if not, material is quarantined till results are guaranteed.  This ensures our customers receive premium quality results from start to finish. Raw Material Mill Test Reports (MTR’s) are also available upon request. While not always required, these are the “Blueprints” of the material that show the exact Chemical and Physical properties for the material being used.

For James Ross/SMS, the purchase of raw material does not mean finding the lowest price, quality must also meet the highest standards.

CNC Equipment

As we say at James Ross/SMS…  “Quality First – Do it Right the First Time”.

We take no shortcuts, instead we spend the time making sure our machining work will be 100% perfect. This requires robust procedures and maintenance equipment to verify machine settings and related components prior to commencement.  For example, this includes Continuous Equipment Cleaning, Calibration, programming verification, Cutting Tools and inserts inspection, Correct Coolants & Lubricants and mount rigidity.  Without doing this, a high risk of failure exists. Such failures can be:

  • Burns on Outside Edges
  • Inconsistent and/or incorrect tolerances
  • Surface Distortion, Machine/Tool Chatter
  • Advanced Machine Wear

Our Complex CNC Machining Centres allow us to produce sophisticated designs.  Our 5-axis machines operate both Linear and rotational axes at the same time to produce a myriad of designs with one single set up.  Parts can then be re-ordered at anytime with exact precision.  Our 5 Axis machining capabilities also allow lower cycle times which saves costs as a result of more material removal per pass. Cutting closer to the part and using shorter tools helps produce much better surface finishes.

In the event 5 Axis machining is not required, we will then use the most suitable CNC Centre.  In this case, we can manufacture parts only a few centimeters in size, or accommodate extremely large parts with lengths up to 38 feet (over 11.5 meters), all with incredible precision.  

Final Inspection and Preparation

All material produced must pass full inspection. This is achieved through various means ranging from Visual to On Machine Probe measurement.  This includes skew check and skew machining, to enhance and expand probing capabilities. Probe benefits have been demonstrated in the area of setup, cycle time, part quality, tooling cost, and product sampling.

Once verification is complete, then the necessary packaging (Domestic or International) takes place to ensure full protection of the finished product while using the most environmentally friendly materials available.

Precision CNC Machining

For more information regarding our Precision CNC Machining services and capabilities in Toronto, Montreal and New York region, please contact our James Ross/SMS team today.


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