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Laser & Plasma Cutting

Sheet and Plate cutting is performed on two machines.  First, our Trumpf 6000, 20 Kilowatt CO2 Class IV Laser for material thickness up to 1 inch.  For over 1" thick, we use our 300 Amp Plasma table.  Both machines can handle sheet and plate sizes up to 72" wide and 240" long.

  • Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Special Alloys.
  • Laser Thickness Range 22ga to 1” thick (SS, CS).
  • All shapes and designs CAD nested for optimum savings.
  • Twin Laser cutting beds for continuous operation.
  • Plasma cutting up to 4” thick.
  • Applications range from Heavy Industrial Equipment to Architectural and Sanitary Requirements.
Laser & Plasma Cutting
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