Quality Assurance

Comprehensive quality control program

With a comprehensive quality control program in place, we verify and provide continuous updates for every step of our business operation including Health and Safety. Our goal is to ensure these measures are considered routine steps that must be followed by every departement to support corporate and governmental objectives that lead to a successful, safe & healthy, prosperous continuous growth company.  Not only does this include our operations, but also all third party suppliers.

Prior to order processing, all health and saftey rules must be in place and followed. We then verify that that all raw material utilized matches the customer’s order requirements and is marked for traceability. In addition, the materials we purchase (in all product forms) must fully meet the applicable ASTM/ASME specifications, if not, material is quarantined till results are guaranteed.  

This process ensures our customers receive premium quality results from start to finish. Raw Material Mill Test Reports (MTR’s) are also available upon request. While not always required, these are the “Blueprints” of the material that show the exact Chemical and Physical properties for the material being used. For James Ross Ltd. – Specialty Manufacturing Services, the purchase of raw material does not always mean finding the lowest price, quality must also meet our highest standards.

Material Testing

If there are uncertainties about the base material of an existing machine or component, the material involved can be identified by using various test methods from simple tests to in-depth analysis.  These non-destructive material tests are also used for quality assurance purposes. Internally, our material deliveries are randomly checked to ensure quality and in addition, Mill Test Reports provide full information on chemical and mechanical properties if and when required.

Testing procedures include:

  • Moly-Drop Test 960. Rapid (5 – 10 minutes) chemical test to differentiate 304 grades (non-Molybdenum) from 316 grades (or other Molybdenum alloys)
  • Internal Quality Control
  • Cross Contamination Protection
  • Certifications
  • Material Test Reports
  • Line Marking
  • Heat Number Marking & Mapping
  • Material / Weld Testing
    • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
    • Magnetic Particle Inspection
    • Ultrasonic Inspection
    • PMI & Alloy verification (as previously mentioned.  Should move here)
    • Radiography
  • Pressure Testing
    • Liquid and Gas (Helium)
  • Component Stress Relief


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